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Tanker truck rental in Middle East - Freight Exchange

Tanker Truck Rental

Find available tankers in the Middle East

petrol tanker truck on the road

Tanker trucks, also known as tank trucks or shortened to tanker, are designed to carry gases, fluids and dry bulk cargo on the road. There are many different kinds of tankers designed to carry different types of liquid loads. The biggest of these tank trucks are similar to tank cars that carry liquid loads on railroad tracks.

Tankers are usually large, and they may be non-insulated or insulated. They may also be pressurized or not. Some are designed to carry single loads while others often have multiple divisions in the compartment to help carry multiple loads. Some tankers are semi-trailers and have a high center of gravity, making them relatively more difficult to drive than other types of freight transportation on the road.

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Tanker rental in the Middle East.

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Large tankers are typically used to transport petrol, diesel and other fuels to filling stations. They are also used to transport other liquid cargo like water, molasses, milk, liquid sugar, and even industrial chemicals. The trucks may be constructed of different materials, depending on what they are designed to carry. Tankers may be made of aluminum, steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel etc. When hiring a tanker for a specific purpose, it is important to choose a suitable truck built for the cargo you will use it to carry.

Large Tanker categories:

  • - Diesel Tanker
  • - Chemical Tanker
  • - Waste water tanker
  • - Sweet water tanker
  • - Salt water tanker

If you are looking for a tanker in the Middle East, is a good place to start. This freight exchange board helps to match trucks with loads. Owners of vehicles along with those who want to have their cargo shipped to a certain destination, shipping companies, freight forwarders, logistics agents and others are members of the platform. You will find hundreds of ads offering the services of tankers, and you can browse through them to find the perfect service for you. Load-Me caters to most Middle Eastern countries, including Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Oman and others. If you are looking for one-time or regular tanker services to transport cargo in the Middle East, Load-Me has you covered.

If you have not already registered at our portal, you can Register on right now and we will get you in touch with the perfect cargo solutions for shipping professionals. Log in when you have registered and you can begin to browse the ads to find the solution you are looking for. When you have found it, you can take your communication to the real time and negotiate a partnership. is dedicated to helping you find the freight solutions you are looking for.

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