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Amman shipping companies and transport to the Middle East

Amman Freight Exchange

Amman - A City Always on the Move

Sunset in Amman Jordan

Amman is the most populated and capital city of Jordan with an estimated population of over 4 million people! Over the past few years Amman has also experienced huge economic growth and become a logistic hub for Levant area distributing the cargo imported through Aqaba Port. This means that more and more multinational companies and corporations are setting up their offices there and also moving goods through, in and out of Amman which means good news for the freight industry.
Shopping is big business in Amman as well which means that goods get sent in and out of the city pretty much continuously so there's plenty of need for shipping companies in Amman and plenty of companies looking to move goods for import and export to Amman and other related cities in the Middle East. If you're in this industry then you will have a lot of choice over what companies to work with and what loads to move or have moved.

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If you're a freight agent always on the lookout for the right company for your client then trying to find the best company in Amman may be hard. There's lots of choice and not enough hours in the day to look at them all. LoadMe is a great alternative to contacting companies directly, one by one. You can register on the site and then have a look at the innovative platform we have available. Whether your client is looking to move cargo or to have their cargo moved, you'll find someone right for the job.

If you're a shipping company then you will find plenty of freight opportunities on our platform at LoadMe once you register you'll have a huge variety of companies wanting to have their cargo moved and you can connect with the right company to move their load and create a good working relationship with them. This in turns means repeat business for the both of you in the future.

If you're a company looking to have your cargo moved then again you'll find loads of shipping companies in Amman once you've signed up and you can spend your time looking for the right company for you. By finding someone you're happy with you can be secure in knowing you can come back to us and choose that company again to have peace of mind.

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