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Find shipping companies in Mussafah industrial area, Emirates

Musaffah Freight Exchange

Musaffah - A Special Economic Zone

Musaffah port and industrial area

Musaffah is known as a satellite town to Abu Dhabi and has many relations with it through business and commerce. It is also a port town and as such has many a company performing import and export businesses in the area.

The freight industry is very important in Musaffah and as such, anyone looking for freight to be moved in this area will not fall short of companies to choose from, in fact if you're looking for cargo or trucks you may be overwhelmed by the choice and not entirely sure where to start. There are plenty of shipping companies in Musaffah to chose from, an you can easily get an offer on LoadMe.

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Back in the 1970's Musaffah was a tiny industrial area, run down, half completed buildings and not very much going on at all. However people saw the potential in the area and development started soon after. After another 20 years or so the area was starting to thrive, especially when a bridge was built to connect it to the island of Abu Dhabi. The local government has also supported businesses who set up there and today it's growing really well and many companies are well established there.

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