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Our first thank you call

Load-Me gets a thank you call
  • by Load-Me
  • Aug 13, 2015

It feels so good to be appreciated. We all know that every feedback from the customers is very welcome, it helps you improve, see flaws and problems in the flow of your business. No matter how insignificant in may seem, every feedback is a step forward, especially that the really good ones, the unsolicited ones, are so hard to get.

And when you get that first honest "thank you" call, just thanks, without any other motives – it is a celebration.
Today we have received our first thank you call from a happy customer. She made the effort to spare a couple of minutes of her time to give us a call and say thank you for our service. Load-Me - The Transporter's Market was very helpful for this custommer in sourcing trucks for her logistics company.

A small step for our company but a huge boost for our team's #MOTIVATION.

We were not expecting such a call, usually people call for inquires, sometimes to complain or to sell you something. But today, a happy customer called us to say thank you and nothing else. It was a small gesture that moved us all and motivated the entire team to perform better, we shared this news through the office and at the end of the day we had much better results than most Thursdays on the average.

The idea for The Transporter's Market that later became Load-Me, came as an answer to Dubai transporters and shippers’ communication gaps. The middle eastern land transportation mainly relies on close contacts and past experience of the logistics departments to get business, especially with majority of the companies having less than four - five trucks. This problem often limits the area of their services to certain locations, routes or customers. Information about the available trucks or loads are usually shared over the phone and it travels only a few links deep, very often not in time, thereby reducing the possibility of finding cargo for the return trip and increasing the costs.

Load-Me solved all these communication problems by bringing forward the first online Transporters Marketplace that is serving the entire Middle East.

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