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10 Fuel Saving Tips For Truckers

  • by Load-Me
  • Sep 19, 2016

Truck drivers can save a great deal of fuel by improving the way they drive. And it is not only the direct impact on the company or independent trucker's profits but also caring for the environment through reduced emissions.

With fuel prices rising all over the place, it really makes sense for everybody in the trucking business to minimize the diesel fuel bills as much as possible. Although fleet owners use different kinds of strategies in order to save on fuel bills, they most of the times overlook one important aspect that has a major impact: driver education.

  1. Use Cruise Control

    Cruise control is a very useful feature of your truck, especially on the long trips trough the desert. You can maintain a steady and safe speed, decreasing fuel consumption.

  2. Obey speed limits

    Keeping a steady speed under 100km/h will increase the fuel economy of the vehicle. One study reports that every 8 km/h driven over 105 km/h represents a 7% decrease in fuel economy. Not to mention the other positive effects of keeping your vehicle under speeding limit: it is safer , less stress on the engine, no speeding fines.

  3. Minimize gear changes by monitoring traffic ahead.

    Keep an eye on traffic conditions and you will be able to anticipate when you need to slow down. It is more efficient to keep the truck moving than to start it again from complete stop and also reduces the number of gear changes you make. Truck have the cabins higher than most vehicles and this gives an advantage to drivers in monitoring traffic and road conditions.

  4. Correct tire pressure

    Check your tire pressure regularly and make sure they are inflated at the right pressure. Keeping your truck's tires at the correct pressure will decrease fuel consumption and also reduce the chance of accident.

  5. No excessive idling

    An idle truck consumes about 4 liters of fuel every hour and this can quickly add up without you even noticing. Every time you pause make sure that your truck really needs the engine running. If it doesn't, just turn it off and save fuel.

  6. Use your momentum

    The momentum the vehicle collects on the flat or downhill can be used to get over areas with increasing slope more economically. Momentum can be used in several other occasions like slowing down. Instead of heavy braking, you can remove your foot from the acceleration pedal, the engines will use less or even no fuel at all depending on the vehicle model, providing more fuel savings.

  7. Correct and smart use of the clutch

    Older trucks with crash gearboxes require double-clutching, but most modern trucks it is not necessary. Using the clutch smartly also means minimizing the number of gear changes you make, even skipping gears where it is possible. You save about 30% of fuel every time you change your gear up. Keep your revs down. Unnecessary revving will create an extra wear on the engine and increase fuel use.

  8. Good aerodynamics

    Make sure you improve your truck's aerodynamics by trying to keep the load as low as possible. This can very much improved with the roof-mounted air deflectors. Don't forget that these need to be adjusted so that they guide the air over the highest point of the trailer. An aerodynamic truck can save a bunch of fuel.

  9. Avoid overfilling the tank.

    If the tank of your truck is filled up to the brim, fuel can easily overflow with the fuel returned by the engine or when it is heated. Especially in the hot desert zones the sun can simply heat up your tank. This practice is not only wasteful but also dangerous for everybody in traffic.

  10. Les maneuvering

    Especially if you stop and park your truck for the night, make sure you place it in an accessible zone so that you don't need excessive maneuvering with a cold engine when you are ready to go in the morning. That can use up a lot of fuel

Use these fuel saving tips in order to drive more economically and care for the environment. Weather you are an independent trucker,have a small fleet or you have a large transport company, these can be applied by your drivers. It will increase the profitability of the company and improve job security for the employed drivers.

And most importantly, we all care about the environment.

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